iOS/Web Development

I'm a freelance developer and student based in Burlington, Ontario. I love designing apps and sites and building them on the latest technologies. Below are some of the projects I've worked on.

Jayden Irwin

Obviously I designed my own website!


A fitness tracking and rewarding app.

MAX Resto Lounge

An elegant website offering useful information about the restaurant.

ATP Creative

Simple promotion webpages for their mobile apps.

My Guitar Projects

A web storefront for guitar building kits.

3M Trim-Line

A website offering various vehicle services.

Fence Armor

An expansive website with a blog, store, product pages, resources, etc.

The Features You Love
Your Users Love Too.

Give all your visitors a proper user experiance with a website that scales to every display your customers' own. If their device has a retina display, treat them to high-detail retina images.


A website custom built for every display.


An inclusive design.


Beautiful high-resolution assets.

Safari Favourites

Identify your site with an Safari favourites icon.


The most modern technologies.

Hand-Coded To Perfection
And They'll Take Notice.

Hand-coding a beautiful user experiance can be too burdensome for some developers, but it provides benefits that can't be matched. A hand-coded site provides you direct access to communicate with your customers. Sites with no plugins or frameworks to keep up to date are enabled to use the greatest of advanced web technologies to do more, and faster. With no overhead, websites save significantly on hosting storage, and can send webpages to the user with unparalleled efficientcy, making pages load faster.

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